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Samosa Dumpling Making Machine


Smosa Dumpling Making Machine

The dumpling making machine Main features: the dough thickness and stuffing amount can be adjusted. Input flour and molding parts using Teflon anti-adhesion technology, small resistance, forming good and easy to clean.

2.Production line introduction and and the detailed form

1.Scientificstructure, automatic molding: Just put the dough and stuffing into the specified entrance, connect power the machine will automatically produce dumplings or samosa.
2.Easy operation, strong controlability: the stuffing amount and dough thickness can be adjusted at any time , to produce dumplings or samosa , thin skin filling full , fast production speed, saving time and labor.
3. The unique design of the machine: just replace the mold, you can create different shapes, different specifications pasta food. : Ordinary dumplings, pot stickers, spring rolls, samosa, etc .

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