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Instant Noodle Making Line


Automatic Noodle Making Machine Application:

The machine is suitable for hotel,restaurants,school canteen,factory canteen,kindergartens,food manufactures etc.

2.Production line introduction and and the detailed form

Automatic Noodle Making Machine Advantage:

1.Directly put the dough into the feeding port;
2.Forming the sheet and noodle at one time;
3.Transfer the noodles automatically,cutting and hanging by itself;
4.Two cutters free together with the automatic noodle making machine;
5.One bundle of rods for hanging the noodles sent free together with noodle making machine;

Process Flow:

Process Flow:

Alkali water mixer-----Measuring the water demand for every pot flour so as to control quantitatively the salt water volume from salt water mixer into dough mixer.
Flour mixing equipment-------Flour and water mixed automatically.
Dough aging machine -----improving the elasticity of the flour
Pressing machine------ pressing and cutting
Steaming machine------Steaming the formed noodles
Cutting& Dividing machine---------cutting, folding, dividing, forming the dough pieces and entering boxes, it can form square or circular dough pieces from different molds.
Frying Machine-------fry the noodles by the oil to make the noodles tastes good.
Cooling machine--------lower the temperature of noodle cake to meet the demand of packing.
Conveyor--------conveying finished instant noodles to each packing line.

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