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Air Bubbles clearning machine


The machine adopts bubble bath cleaning,suitable for all kinds of fruits and vegetables cleaning,can be customized according to the volume of production, equipment is made of high quality stainless steel material,conform to the food sanitation standard,equipment is equipped with bubble generator,

the materials become state,remove pesticide residues on the surface.

2.Production line introduction and and the detailed form

1.Materials are thrown into the sink, under high pressure water and strong bubbles, they are fully rolling, cleaning, transmission.
2.The sediment eluted from the surface of the materials sinks into the bottom of the compartment and does not cause re-contamination of the retrograde reflow.
3.Debris, insects floating on the water are collected by the mesh on removal of debris systems, filaments, hair and so on are cleaned up through the wool roller.
4.Washed material out of the water and then spray cleaning, sent to the next process.
5.The cleaning machine can effectively remove the contaminants on the surface of vegetables, and the vegetables (including leafy vegetables) .But the damage is very small.

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