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Brush Roller Cleaning Machine


Brush Roller Cleaning Machine adopts brush principle,widely used in clear and peeling fruits and vegetables such as ginger, potatoes,sweet potatoes,taro roots;This machine is beautiful appearance,easy operation,large volume,high efficiency,low energy consumption, continuous cleaning,materials of brush roller via special craft processing,which is durable,good wear resistance. Box body is made of high quality stainless steel material,clean sanitation,can also customize according to customer’s requirements.

2.Production line introduction and and the detailed form
  • 1.Brush Roller Cleaning Machine has simple structure,It’s easy to use,disassemble and replace parts.Also has beautiful appearance.
  • 2.Made of stainless steel, can fully adapt to the processing center of the wet environment, the fuselage, the rack does not rust, increase the life of the machine.
  • 3.Cleaning peeling volume is large, high efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning, durable and wear resistance is quite good.
  • 4.The bottom of the machine install dehydration plate and outlet to prevent sewage dander and other pollution onto the ground.

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