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garlic peeling machine


Garlic peeling machine uses compressed air as a power source,just peel the dried garlic skin off from the garlic through a strong cyclone flow. The whole work process without soaking, cutting, damaging,garlic completely dry through the air peeling, greatly guarantee the integrity of garlic, suitable for long-term storage purposes.

2.Production line introduction and and the detailed form

1,Drying while peeling.
2,With automatic temperature control and automatic feeding device,automatic separate garlic and peel,the product meet the health standards.
3,High degree of automation, one person can operate more than one.
4,Work process without water, no pollution to the environment;
5,High rate of peeling off, but damage rate is low;
6,The whole peeling process is not limited by the size of garlic;
7,Practical, safe, easy operation and maintenance.

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