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Onion peeling machine


Onion peeling machine designed base on pneumatic principle, the raw onion processed to the clean onion without any damage. The onion is no deed to soak into water and can be peeled with this equipment. Onion peeling machine is suitable for any variety of onions.

2.Production line introduction and and the detailed form

1,Advanced technology, reasonable structure, good appearance, safe and reliable to use, all selection are in line with food for health standards;
2,High degree of automation, saving time and labor
3,High peel rate while achieving no damage
4,Peeling degree according to the need to tune into, will not cause excessive waste of peeling.
5,Can be equipped with feeding machine, eliminating the need for manual waste, but also increase production;
6,The inlet has a security device, will not cause personal injury;
7,Pneumatic principle peeling, need to be equipped with the corresponding model of air compressor;
8,Onion peeling machine is not only stripping quickly into a high rate, but also more security and health.

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