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multifunction vegetable cutting machine


Fruit and vegetable cutting machine can cut long striped onions,garlic,celery,cabbage,cabbage,fish,dried bean curd,picnic,noodles,papaya, melons,etc. In addition,replace the cutting knife plate can cut the stem of vegetables like bamboo shoots and radish into shredded slices. Fruit and vegetable cutting machine can be connected to automated production lines, suitable for food processing industry,central kitchen and so on

2.Production line introduction and and the detailed form

1.Variable frequency control, smooth operation, flexible.
2.Vegetable cutting machine cut the double-headed vegetables, can work at the same time through the replacement of the cutter or dual FM adjustment speed, can cut out a variety of films, four corners, silk.
3.Powerful, Multi-purpose, save time and effort, healthy, beauty and durability.

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