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Nuts sugar coating machine


Chocolate peanut coating machine features:

This machine is mainly used for making pellet, film coating on tablets. It can also be used for making ball shape products or granules, mixing, and polishing, etc. Such as: chocolate polishing, peanut coating, sugar coating, seasoning, producing tapioca pearls, and pelletizing the desiccant & aluminium hydroxide, porcelain ball making, etc.

2.Production line introduction and and the detailed form

Chocolate peanut coating machine features:

1. The coating pan tilt angle is 30 degrees
2. Can be placed electric, gas, etc heating equipment under the pot .
3. Random with a separate electric blower.
4. The duct extends into the pot can be used for heating or blowing cold, heat can also be adjusted.
5. The output very smooth, round.


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