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Peanut Nuts Butter Making Machine


Industrial peanut butter making machine works through different shapes of stator and rotor,the stator and rotor will relative motion at the high speed rolling,when the materials will be grinded at the self-possessed,air-weight,and centrifugal force.

2.Production line introduction and and the detailed form

1.Peanut butter machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, food,chemical and other industries wet material's superfine grinding,it can play all kinds of semi liquids and emulsion liquid material crushing, milk,homogeneous mixing.
2.Besides, it can be used to grind peanut milk,protein milk,soy milk,dairy products,malted milk,fragrance,drinks,aloe Vera,pollen, pineapple,tea,ice cream,moon cake stuffing,butter,jam,fruit juice etc. High yield, high efficiency and small size peanut butter machine extremely popular both for home and commercial use.

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