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egg white and yolk separate machine


Egg white and yolk separate machine

1.The machine is widely used in egg processing factory, egg wholesale and deep egg process industry, bakery shop for cake and biscuit and other related food enterprises, etc.

2.Automatic egg breaking machine simulate the artificial knock eggs, from the "artificial egg picking-transport-pick up eggs-knock eggs-break eggs-egg yolk and egg white separation-egg shells" and other automatic continuous operation, improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

3. Egg washing part includes upper water spraying and lower brush working.

Egg white and yolk separate machine

1.Automatic feeder, washer, dryer and breaker of egg machines. Easy operation and cleaning.

2.Industrial egg separator named egg washer machine &whole egg liquid breaker separating machine . If the machines have a little pressure, it will stop working. Safely and Protective.

3. The machine is durable and stable.



2.Production line introduction and and the detailed form
Name and Specifications Specifications
Egg Loading Water Tank   Capacity: 1200eggs/batch Power:  380V  200W Dimension: 2000*1200*1100mm
Washing/Air drying/Light Detection Machine   Capacity:10000eggs/h Power: 380V  750W Dimension:3800*900*1605mm
Egg Breaking and Separating Machine   Capacity:10000eggs/h Quantity of egg tongs :24pcs Power: 380V  400W Dimension: 3000*1130*1200

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