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Food pasteurization machine


Pasteurization machine is suitable for low temperature below 100 DEG C for packaging vegetables, meat products, and milk, leisure food, cans, glass bottles, pickled vegetables,seasoning packet and jellies (boiling water) continuous sterilization and cooling.

2.Production line introduction and and the detailed form

1, suitable for various sizes of flexible packaging products
2, the use of imported track engineering plastics, high temperature resistance, no damage to the packaging material;
3, temperature control using imported automatic temperature control system;
4, the design of sterilization cooling transition section, to ensure the taste of the product;
5, all bearings imported anti-corrosion system to ensure the service life of the equipment;
6, continuous production, stepless speed regulation, sterilization time adjustable;
7, the use of lift conveyor, reduce labor intensity, save money;
8, the use of hoist and sterilization synchronous oil mechanism, automatic transmission
9, sterilization temperature: 65-95 degrees within the range of arbitrary settings;

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