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Liquid filling machine


This machine is widely used for packing various kinds of bags: fruit shape bag, bottle shape bag, spout bag, straw bag etc,also can filling stand up pouch without spout or with spout.This machine can pack any liquid such as juice, yogurt, water, jelly, soymilk, cooking oil, liquid soap etc. It is also used for semi-fluid liquid, for example, tomato sauce, jam and so on.

2.Production line introduction and and the detailed form

1. Easy to operate,High quality PLC with PIC, mate with touch screen and electric control system, the man-machine interface is friendly.
2. Automatic quantitive filling and control liquid level.
3. Adjustment filling volume and all the things from PLC
4. The whole machine adopts stainless steel material and international brand parts according to the food hygienic requirements, guarantee hygiene and security of the food.
5. The machine adopts big capacity, high intensity, stably to operate, easy to maintain, long service life.

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