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Meat Smoking Machine


Food Smoke Oven

Smoke machine is consists of four parts:smoke box,automatic program controller,smoke generator and smoke car. The key components are steam pipes,heat ex-changers and outlet channels to complete the perfect circulation system.

2.Production line introduction and and the detailed form

1,Automatic control program,can display the temperature and humidity curve,monitoring chart and the table of operation process.
2,Imported valve control steam flow,temperature control accuracy,reliable operation,the temperature difference of the box is less than 1 ℃.
3,After 3000 rev / min dynamic balance check,the maximum wind speed up to 25 m / s,effectively ensure that temperature evenly in the baking process from top to bottom,left to right..
4,Smoke generating device using wood grain smoke device,smoke stable,colored fast,and the smoke into the box keeps clean.
5,Equipped with high-pressure pipeline pump for cleaning discs and pipe dirt,set with different angles nozzle in the coil and flue.
6,You can open the door both before and after the smoke box.It’s very convenience.


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